Companions, Mercies, and Virgins, the three types of known guards in the prison campaign I’m running. Am I addicted to campaigns? Maybe. Yes.


h e a d a c h e


My back hurts. The first and only D&D character I ever played was Qarka Corpseface, a chaotic evil kenku rogue with a god complex and a bastard half-goblin son. All she ever wanted was to eat a baby.


i’m tired and i drew a little addy and go away




oh no what happened to it

engineclock is famous for completely deleting the image links of her adventures once she doesn’t like them anymore

i ain’t sorry bitches

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engie, you’re running another campaign? shut up

here is puffwolf. half wolf half yeti all puff. he is a wereyeti also. played by a ginger.

i didn’t forget about the stuff you wanted me to draw ok i’ll do it omg

Photo Set

draw squad four, they said

draw squad four in dresses, they said


my #1 best friend sanzh mailed me a tabs since my old one got busted. what do i draw. no cat.s

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Chimamamda Ngozi Adiche, We Should All Be Feminists

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Photo Set

sketchdump part whatever, courtesy of my awful phone. got some fishpeople, the squid squad, some little paxlets.

  • Question: Nyroti - Anonymous
  • Answer:

    1. Nyroti was the amnesiac sun/daylight god, but you probably already knew that. The Lock was sealing away his memory of his identity, and was the set of collars around his neck.

    2. Nyroti could jump 7-8ft straight into the air, any time he felt like it!

    3. Nyroti was the spiritual successor of Fritterling, filling the role of adorable-innocent-lost-in-a-world-of-utter-despair. I think it’s a metaphor or something.

    4. Nyroti was the second half of a pair of gods, the other being the not-very-creatively-named Itoryn. She was a spooky white snake monster who did not like him.

    5. Nyroti’s favorite food was peach jelly.




Underwater photographer Henry Jager, 43, photographed this glowing jellyfish on a visit to Marsa Shoona in Egypt.

‘I wanted my photograph to play with the tension being close to potential dangerous but extremely beautiful animal,’ said Henry.

‘On the one hand you can enjoy the beauty of the jellyfish, but on the other hand it’s very frightening, and I often get people asking me how I dare to go that close.’

Picture: Henry Jager/HotSpot Media

(via Pictures of the day: 24 October 2013 - Telegraph)

This is the Crowned Jelly (Cephea cephea) :3

  • Question: Five facts about Pax. - Anonymous
  • Answer:

    1. Pax is a stupid fucking whiny baby who is failing all his classes. Even Costume Design. How the fuck do you fail Costume Design?

    2. One time Pax cried for two whole days because he sucks.

    3. Pax’s legs aren’t that nice. He’s got weird calves. Homeboy looks like a fuckin’ horse.

    4. Have you ever made an android cry? It’s hilarious. I’ll help you do it.

    5. One time Pax was like “oh I’m more comfortable in restraints” and didn’t get why everyone thought that was funny and then got all sad because “boo hoo hoo I don’t understand humans I only have five years to live”. What a dumbass!

  • Question: imago dei - foursight
  • Answer:

    1. Imago is a primadonna girl. All he ever wanted was the world, he can’t help that he needs it all.

    2. Imago will go to pretty extreme measures to pretend that he’s still capable of feeling love or hatred. He masquerades as a human and goes through strange, fucked-up relationships with various residents of Il Maledicta before finally snapping and murdering his partners.

    3. Like most Courtiers, Imago has an increasingly strong deathwish and deliberately gets into conflicts that he knows he doesn’t stand a great chance of winning. The prospect of finally dying is something most Courtiers consider to be the only exciting thing left to them.

    4. Imago is quite fond of mind-controlling people into falling irrepressibly in love with him, mostly because it’s the closest thing he can feel to any type of affection.

    5. Switching his own memories with Avox’s is Imago’s second-favorite hobby. The first is acquiring nude portraits of himself.